About Us

We are Michael & Toni Gradick - originally from East Texas.  We have been self employed for most of our life & have 6 children between us ranging from 19-30.  When our youngest was set to graduate High School in 2019 we decided we would take the opportunity to sell our house, reduce our baggage & hit the road!  We bought an RV & have never looked back. 

We operate our service company from our house but wanted to do something that could be a reflection of our adventures & travels that we could also do from home - thus Everly Sunshine was born.  We design & create all our soapy creations ourselves.  

When our youngest son decided to join the United States Marine Corp we reached out to Soldiers' Angels as a way to help our military & their families in honor of our son's choice to serve his country.  We decided to make a full size soap donation to Soliders' Angels with every single artisan soap purchase.

We are inspired by all things around us - near,  far & everything in between.  Our hope is to create fun,  colorful bath products & put lots of bubbles & fun in the lives of our customers.  

It's so nice to meet ya!  We are glad you are visiting our website.